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1.  Why should we book you over all of the other photo booth companies?

Answer:  We have been in business for over 5yrs and have done over 100 weddings, many graduation parties, birthday parties, mitzvahs, charity events, corporate celebrations, you name it we have probably been there and done that.  With all of that being said you can trust us with your event that we will do all we can to make it extra special.

2.  Does everyone really get a photo strip?

Answer:  Yes, that is what you paid us to do.  We will ask who wants a copy and print it out for them. Who doesn't want a photo strip hanging on their refrigerator?

3.  Is your photo booth closed in?

Answer:  No. Trust us when we tell you that you are way better off with an open-style booth like ours. More guests can fit into the pictures.(We had 14 from a wedding party in one photo!). If you have small children or guests that are in wheel chairs they don't have to be left out of the fun. Everyone can see what's going on and how much fun the photo booth is. It also helps to prevent your guests from taking those inappropiate pictures.

4.  Can I book you for less than 4hrs.?

Answer:  Absolutely! Please contact us for more details on pricing if you are looking to book for fewer hours of operation.

5.  What do you mean by operation time?

Answer: We don't charge for downtime, traveltime, or confuse you with pricing for different features. We only charge you for the time that the photo booth is scheduled to run.  For example: Most receptions for weddings we will run the booth for cocktail hour, shut it down while people eat, then run it the rest of the evening which is typically 4hrs.

6.  Tell me more about the video messages.

Answer: Our booth doesn't just take pictures; it also lets your guests leave you video messages.  By the end of the evening, your guests start to leave you some really funny messages.  Guests can leave up to a 30sec. video message.

7.  How do you do the scrapbook?

Answer:  Photo booths by default print out 2 photo strips at a time.  We will always place one in your scrapbook for your guests to leave you a written message by their photo strip and the other copy will go with your guest.  At the end of the evening, you get to take your scrapbook home with you.  These make for a great keepsake and are included in your price at no additional charge.

8.  Social media sharing--What is it and how does it work?

Answer:  If we have good enough cell phone reception or your venue has wifi, we can let your guests text, email, Facebook, and Tweet their photo strips from our iPad.  Most of the time your guests will either email or text the photo and then share it to their social networks.  Your guests will still get a hard copy of the photo strip to take home.

9.  Your price is for 4hrs.  What if I don't need the booth for 4hrs and a scrapbook woudn't make sense?

Answer:  We are flexible with our pricing and time.  The majority of our events are weddings and celebrations that typically would warrant a scrapbook.  Proms, school dances, corporate events, etc. usually don't need one and will recieve a discounted price.

10.  What is required to book your photo booth for our event?

Answer:  We require a $150 deposit and that gaurantees your date.  


3807 Logans Ferry Rd. Apt. C1
Pittsburgh, PA  15239

Phone: 412-254-4169